Happy St. Birth Day!

St. Patrick’s Day has never really been a big deal to me for several reasons:

1 – I don’t drink much.

2 – I detest beer.

3 – I don’t enjoy corned beef and cabbage.

4 – My dad told me to never admit I was Irish. (yes…he’s Italian)

However, when St. Patrick’s Day creeps upon us annually I am reminded that it is my Hispanic friend’s birthday. Unlike my dad, Consuelo (Connie) doesn’t think twice about putting her heritage aside to celebrate the Irish tradition.

Connie was my suitemate in college. Our rooms were connected via a bathroom. A bathroom that may have caused a rocky start to our nearly 22-year friendship.

Naturally one would assume that…
one of us was perhaps a little cleaner than the other.
NOPE! That wasn’t it!
In fact, our bathroom was cleaned at least twice a week and many times with straight-up bleach because we were clean freaks.

one of us might have had a rough night and left the bathroom a disaster.
NOPE! That wasn’t it!
That never happened – not even once.

one of us monopolized bathroom time.
NOPE! That wasn’t it!
We had our own sink in our rooms which eliminated that problem.

So what was the problem, you ask?

Well, maybe – just maybe – one of us forgot to unlock the other’s bathroom door after use. This made it impossible for the other to use the bathroom. And, maybe – just maybe – one of us was trying to teach the other one a lesson by “forgetting” to unlock her door. And maybe – just maybe – this happened more than once, because both of us were determined to WIN the war. Our poor roommates!

But, you will be happy to know that we both WON because we both matured a bit, stayed friends, and will be friends until our dying days. With her living in California and me in Illinois, we continue to maintain our close friendship. We are always there for one another in good times and in bad. We have shared many laughs, tears, celebrations, sorrows, and countless hours of conversation.

For Connie I will always be grateful!

I love her competitive spirit. Although I may not have appreciated it freshman year.

I love her positivity. She makes lemonade out of lemons.

I love her tenacity. There is never a hill too large for her to climb.

I love her thoughtfulness. She will go out of her way to accommodate.

I love her feistiness. Don’t mess with her family or friends, or else…

I love her acceptance. She never judges.

I love her fun personality. She finds enjoyment easily.

I love that she is happy. She deserves all the best.

I love that we are still friends. I don’t know what I’d do without her.

Happy 40th Birthday Connie!

3 thoughts on “Happy St. Birth Day!

  1. I am so thankful you worked out those bathroom problems years ago so that you could spend time growing your friendship instead. This is a beautiful tribute to a special friend! I especially enjoyed your use of Nope! And also the ways you explained why you love those great characteristics that she has.

  2. I love this! it brought me back to my own college days with my own suite mates. I didn’t think there were many colleges out there like that. Cleaning the bathroom and locking/unlocking the doors caused many a problem. Thanks for reminding me to call Jenny.

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