Moving Forward

It’s part of my normal, daily routine. In fact, it is the most fun part of my normal, daily routine…the morning school carpool. I have written about it previously and described every child in detail. Oh, the joy that each little one brings to the mornings. What a unique and lively bunch!

Today as I was about to make a right turn into the parking lot, I noticed a car waiting to make a left turn to join the processional of cars that make up the drop-off line. I notice the type of car and think to myself, “that is the kind of car she drives.”  However, I’m not really positive it’s her. Regardless, I motion to her to proceed in front of me. She was grateful and gave me a courteous “thank you wave.”

As the kids are talking, I catch myself lost in another world…thinking about her. I am looking at her rearview and side mirrors to study her. I begrudgingly decide she is cute. I say a quick farewell to the kiddos and travel back into my thoughts. Her car takes the same route as mine for a while, until she makes a right turn. I stop at the sign, unable to turn because of traffic, and intently watch as her left signal blinks and she enters her driveway.

It is HER! It’s her that inhabits the house I dreamed about for nearly a decade. It’s been almost a year since the sale sent me into a depressive state. I loved that house and everything about it. But, today I tell myself…it just wasn’t meant to be and I move on.



4 thoughts on “Moving Forward

  1. Michelle @litlearningzone says:

    Oh, I love this slice! You had me wondering too about HER and who SHE is … I can hear all those thoughts running through my mind too. Happy you have moved on as well …

  2. Sometimes there are those hers that catch our eye and send our mind into a spiral. Of course, she would be the one who has the house you pined for. Fun to read and imagine what makes her the one to focus on.

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