Remind Me Again

“What’s up Doc?” my mom often says as she answers the phone when I call. But…it never gets old.


It never gets old because…

It reminds me of the hard work and dedication I put forth to achieve my goal.

It reminds me of the example I set for my girls.

It reminds me of how much my girls learned by silently observing.

It reminds me that my parents tended to family obligations, skipping the thought of higher education for themselves.

It reminds me that even though my parents did not earn a degree, they impressed upon me the value of education.

It reminds me that I will never know what my parents gave up to ensure I had an education.

It reminds me that my mom was always so supportive, even when it wasn’t warranted.

It reminds me that my dad always pushed for more, it was never good enough.

It reminds me that I wouldn’t be who I am today without a good foundation.

It reminds me that my parents being proud of me is important to me and to them, even at my age.

It reminds me that if I provide a good foundation, my girls will hopefully flourish.

It reminds me that I “support” more like my dad, but I need to add more of my mom.

It reminds me that I don’t have to be a perfect mom (and God knows I’m not even close), but be loving and forgiving.

It reminds me that my girls are not clay to mold, but dough that will take it’s own shape.

It reminds me that I am damn lucky to have such an amazing family. We aren’t perfect, but boy are we blessed!



5 thoughts on “Remind Me Again

  1. Wow!! As I am reading this I am thinking of my parents instilling the same values of education as I was growing up. How proud you are of them for this impact they made on you!! I am sure your children will be the same of you.

  2. I am curious….did you set out to write about the pride you feel for your accomplishments (Doctorate, stellar mom, etc.) and did it morph into a slice about how grateful you are for what your parents have done for you over the years and then morph again into you as a parent? I ask because this happens to me quite often. I sit down thinking I’m writing about one thing and then, before I know it, I’m getting at the real thing that’s stuck in my mind! It’s related, but it’s more. That’s how I feel about your slice. It’s related to your wonderful accomplishment in getting your Doctorate, but then…’s about so. much. more.

    1. Funny you should ask. I appreciate your inquiry. It actually started out in my mind as I thought about just how proud my mom is of me. It makes me feel amazing to think I made my mom proud. She deserves it. She worked hard and was always so supportive. But, my next thought was that as much as I play it off like she is silly – I secretly love it too. I love being reminded of how happy it makes her and also about how hard I worked. So that’s where the thoughts began and ended with me bookending about me and my parenting. It’s fun to know how slices are created – both in the mind and “on paper.” Thanks for asking!

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