Rehab of the Dilapidated House

I have tried unlocking the door.
The keys do not work.

I have tried opening the windows.
They are painted shut.

I have tried turning on the lights.
The bulbs are burnt out.

I have tried making noise.
Nobody hears me.

I have tried crying.
The tears are silent.

I have tried.


I know there is a bright world beyond the door.

I know the open windows will allow me to feel.

I know the lights will provide the vision in need.

I know there are many people available to listen.

I know letting it out will help me release.

I will continue to try.


I have tried numerous keys and feel like the right one is next.

I have chipped at the paint and can feel a draft.

I have learned to make use of the daytime light.

I have been singing and the birds are responding.

I have been praying and He is listening.

There IS hope!

One thought on “Rehab of the Dilapidated House

  1. Your last paragraph gave me friggen goose bumps!!! No joke! “I have chipped at the paint and can feel a draft” – wow. I also am in love with your title. Your words are vague and eerie, but the title helps anchor me to your thoughts. WELL DONE.

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