Bad Words

Even though I despise spewing those bad words, sometimes it’s necessary. She will beg and plead, and at times I give in. On other occasions I stick to my guns, knowing that when the sun rises she must be well-rested and ready for the day ahead. Oh, how I love that special time together – just her and I – just before bedtime. And let me be frank – the suspense of what’s to come next is killing me. But for tonight I have to spew those bad words…no reading. 


3 thoughts on “Bad Words

  1. Yes, those are very bad words, and I’ve come to say them a little more often than I’d like to admit. After a certain time, I simply can’t keep my eyes open, so I couldn’t read if I tried.

  2. WHAT????? No!!!!!! I was going to be ok if your “bad words” were going to be of the 4-letter variety, but…………….not READING?!?!? I am shocked! Lol.

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