The Dilapidated House

I have tried unlocking the door.
The keys do not work.

I have tried opening the windows.
They are painted shut.

I have tried turning on the lights.
The bulbs are burnt out.

I have tried making noise.
Nobody hears me.

I have tried crying.
The tears are silent.

I have tried.

I know there is a bright world beyond the door.

I know the open windows will allow me to feel.

I know the lights will provide the vision in need.

I know there are many people available to listen.

I know letting it out will help me release.

I will continue to try.

2 thoughts on “The Dilapidated House

  1. The imagery here is haunting yet you somehow whittle it down into something more optimistic. I wonder what this house is, the door, the blockage. This is one of those things you read multiple times with many different feelings. First as a reader, a writer, a wonder of your meaning and then as a reader again, making it fit into my own life or things I’ve read. Excellent piece. Glad to see you here again 😊

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