The Hunt

It’s the same routine E  V  E  R  Y   DAY

Eyes open
Retrieve cell phone
Check email
Scroll down
Not there yet
Scroll up
Maybe it’s there now
How about now?
Sometimes yes – sometimes no

I try not to get too excited
It’s happened once too many times
The price looks perfect
Don’t get too excited
I do anyway
Wrong neighborhood

When will I learn?
It’s been a year
I still have hope
I really think it might happen soon
For now I will continue to wait
Maybe not patiently, but I will wait
Until tomorrow morning
Eyes open
Check email
Scroll down
And maybe it’s there

6 thoughts on “The Hunt

  1. Katie Diez says:

    This was such a fun read- I can picture you, on the hunt for the perfect house…the highs and lows of this kind of house hunting…loved this Slice!!!!

  2. I feel your anticipation! The repetition was really effective in conveying the anxious feelings we experience when waiting for news on something. Best of luck to you in your search, A!

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