The Choice of Kindness

Putting my hand up,
Also gesturing my remorse.
She can’t hear me,
But she must see…
The horrified and panicked look on my face.

Without any hesitancy,
She raises her hand.
She nods and reassures me,
With a gentle smile.
She graces me with mercy.
So understanding, so kind.

She looks to be about my age.
Her morning rat-race –
Probably just as hectic as mine.
I don’t know her story,
Nor has she read my book.
It’s irrelevant.
She decided to grant me compassion today.

I wanted to stop,
To get out of my car,
To give her a hug,
And express my gratitude.
There was no time,
I was forced to exit the parking lot.
She was on her way to her destination.
But I think she knew.
She knew just by her reaction,
The appreciation I felt.

Emotions came flooding.
My eyes welled-up quickly.
A perfect combination,
Between nerves and appreciation.
She is probably a mom,
Just like me.
Who knows what she is battling,
Because we are all fighting something.
But…she chose kindness.

She gave me a break.
She gave me a pass.
She reminded me.
Life is so much more,
More than a constant race.
It’s about who we are,
How we treat others.
Be benevolent in your acts.
Have sympathy and empathy.
Make someone’s day.
Give her a break.
Give her a pass.
Remind her.

9 thoughts on “The Choice of Kindness

  1. Between my chillbumps and tears, my thoughts are about how this post says it all. You have captured what life is really about, what matters. She gave you a pass. You gave us all inspiration. Thank you.

  2. I loved reading your post especially because I picked “Choose kindness” for the One Little Word. And I have been having difficulty remembering to choose kindness. Your thoughts inspire me to choose better – you might not know how much you affected someone. Thank you.

  3. This slice was absolutely amazing. Where do I start? I have the advantage of talking to you and hearing your thinking behind the writing, but I also read it cold without talking to you. I was so moved. I was in the middle of a crazy busy morning and your slice stopped me dead in my tracks. Tears in my eyes – no chance of getting right back to work! Your message is loud and clear. Give grace to those we come into contact with. More grace is what the world needs – and you told us how important that is LOUD AND CLEAR in your writing. Thank. You.

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