Too Sleepy

I have to write?
Oh no, not tonight!

I am much too sleepy,
And about to be weepy.

Not a thing in mind,
I’m in a big bind.

It’s only day two,
What’s this writer to do?

My brain is at rest,
So this is my best.

I’m struggling for sure,
There must be a cure.

Oh wait, could that be my bed I hear?
It must know my time is near.

Hopefully tomorrow won’t bring the same,
With some sleep I should be on my game.

Try me out another day,
I’m sure I’ll have much more to say.

3 thoughts on “Too Sleepy

  1. You rhymed EXACTLY how I felt tonight! I was so disappointed in myself that I was already struggling on day 2! Thanks for the reassurance that I’m not alone! And thanks for sharing such a cleverly written piece. It just shows, we ALWAYS have something to Slice about!

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