The Chance

She’s simply stunning…every last bit of her! Every curve, every foot, every inch. With perfect posture she exudes confidence. With such elegance and style on the outside, I can’t imagine she is any less amazing on the inside. Age seems to only intensify her beauty. I am drawn to her perfection, from top to bottom. I have been admiring her from afar for at least 8 years now. My eyes are glued to her each time we are within sight of one another, and I cannot help thinking about meeting her one day. I wonder if she realizes the love I have for her even though we have never been introduced. Does she understand the pangs of jealousy I experience? I know, I just know she would love me if we had the chance to be united. How could she not when I have nothing but adoration for her?

After many years of appreciation for her, marveling at her perfection, and dreaming about our first encounter with one another, I received an email from her. I did not even know she was aware of my existence, yet she emailed ME. I was not so naive to think I was the only one that received the email, yet I was still included. Perhaps she saw me frequently sneaking peeks. Maybe she sought me out as someone she wanted to get to know at some point in her life? Hard to believe, but just maybe.

I did not waste a single second. She beckoned me and I was going to respond, and respond promptly. Or…so I thought. It turned out that I was a day late. Others received the email the day prior and sought her attention first.

A contract was accepted for asking price the same day she hit the market. She will now belong to someone else. Are they as captivated by her stature and magnificence? Do they have an abundance of appreciation for her like I do? Will they honor and respect her like I would? Only time will tell.

My heart was crushed. I never thought I really had a chance. But…the chance…there it was in black and white…it presented itself and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Then, BAM…I was knocked out before I even had a chance to enter the ring. However, I will not stop marveling at her exquisiteness and I will continue to have hope that someday she will be mine.


3 thoughts on “The Chance

  1. Oh I love this! Once I had it, I needed to go back and reread it. Your disappointment at the end just rang so loud and clear. Sorry you missed out on it!

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