The “Signs” of Spring

How could one not be excited by the signs of spring?

Brighter days

Warmer weather

Fresh air

Rain showers

Budding trees and flowers

Chirping birds

Giddy children

While all the signs of spring bring a smile to my face and add some pep to my step, I am most excited by a different “sign” of spring.

You know, the sign that stands approximately four to five feet tall indicating a move.

Yes – the FOR SALE sign that decorates lawns, most prevalent in the spring.

I am not necessarily looking for a change in residences, but on the other hand, I am not against it either.

Most of all, I just enjoy viewing homes and dreaming of the possibilities.

Oh, the signs of spring!

For sale








One thought on “The “Signs” of Spring

  1. Now that’s not a sign I look for in the spring, but it does crop up more often once winter has passed. I’ll keep my eye out for the other signs of spring. Just saying the word moving, makes me shudder in horror. 🙂

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