I served as a witness today…a witness of an amazing interaction.

The teller sensed the customer’s frustration and perceived anger. Instead of ignoring it, she happily greeted the customer and told her to take a seat. With a bit of an attitude the customer refused, and stated she had been sitting all day. Many would have allowed the conversation to die and feel put-off. But, not this considerate teller. She had a much larger job today in addition to managing monetary transactions. The teller continued the conversation – demonstrating compassion and genuine care. She acknowledged the customer’s perceived unhappiness. A conversation ensued. Little by little I witnessed the customer’s demeanor change. Shoulders dropped. The earpiece was removed. She may have even shed a bit of a smile. I am positive she left with a brighter outlook. This occurred all because the teller acknowledged the customer’s feelings.

It didn’t take any more time than the transaction would have taken anyway.

It didn’t take too much effort.

It didn’t cost a thing.

It did make a difference in at least 3 people in the room – the teller, the customer, and me!

I served as a witness today…a witness of an amazing interaction.


(And…yes, of course I told the teller she is fantastic, expressed what a difference she made today, and asked for her boss’ 411.J)


9 thoughts on “Feelings

  1. I love this. As I read it, I could feel the weight of the customer’s burden lift. You describe it perfectly in the shoulders dropping, the earpiece removed, the slight shed of a smile. These are such perfect, subtle moments to capture. So small, yet so significant in the ripple effect. This is going to stay with me… and the ripple widens! 🙂 Thank you for capturing so perfectly and for sharing.

  2. This is great. This teller not only diffused the situation, but she made this woman (customer) feel heard. She was a person that mattered today to someone. That gives me the chills.

  3. I am sure you made the teller’s day too. How nice of you to take the time to tell her that she was fantastic and talk to her boss too. Kudos to all.

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