Multi-tasking – A Talent or a Problem?

I have this obnoxious need to multi-task ALL THE TIME. Judging by my funky dreams, I may even do it while sleeping. Multi-tasking, it turns out, has lead to a healthy habit for me. Okay…truth be told it has lead to many unhealthy, awful, and dangerous habits, but at least one good habit. Flossing! Flossing?!? Yes flossing!

Each time I visit the dentist’s office the hygienist asks if I floss. Floss? Who has time for that? I leave drawers and doors half-way open, because who has time to close them? I have to move on to the next task. Quick, quick, quick!

I brush my teeth at least twice a day, isn’t that good enough? And…many years, countless dental visits, and no cavities. No harm, no foul! But, within the past 2-3 years, I have had 2 small cavities in between my teeth. And of course the dentist says that flossing will prevent that from happening. Okay, okay, you have my attention now! The fabulous hygienist filled me in on a wonderful tip. She said she keeps floss picks in her car and flosses while driving. GENIUS! God forbid I just concentrate on driving. What else would I accomplish?

So, I have floss picks in my car which fulfills my need to multi-task and I’m faithfully practicing good dental care. Win-win! Okay, so now what? Well, hopefully that little tip will help others, like me with a serious multi-tasking disorder, develop a healthy, less-distracting habit while driving, and…

I can’t leave you without coming clean about one of my  horrible habits that keeps my attention from my most prized possessions – my family! Actually it’s probably more of an addiction – it’s my phone – with 24/7 access to an infinite amount of information at my fingertips. It just fosters and supports my multi-tasking issue. As it was, the phone was capable of stealing so much of my time. Between personal and work email accounts, the internet, and Facebook, I always had something to keep my attention, keep it away from the important things in life. Once March came, I added yet another distraction – the WordPress app. It allowed me to slice, read others’ slices and comment from my phone. So, when there wasn’t an email to respond to from either email address (mostly because I just checked it 30 seconds before), no new posts on FB, and nothing to research on the internet, I turned to WordPress to feed my addiction.

Well guess what? The challenge is over and I’m really going to work on decreasing the time spent on my phone so I can be more present (a reminder in several slices of others throughout the challenge – thank you!), because that’s what my family deserves!

I enjoyed the month, though I’ll be relieved of yet another “to-do,” which is a positive! Thank you for all you have shared through your pieces and comments which were inspiring, thought-provoking, and allowed me to learn more about others and writing! It’s been a slice! 🙂 Until next time…


9 thoughts on “Multi-tasking – A Talent or a Problem?

  1. I really enjoyed this. My husband flosses in front of the television. I have convinced him not to do it when I’m in the room, but I know he still does it. I think trying to be more present and less in the phone is a good goal (as I type this on my phone.)

  2. I’m also a multitasker and a horrible one at that. Just this evening, I found myself telling my four-year-old that I couldn’t go to the other room to see what he built because I was trying to watch TV with his brothers and type something on my laptop AND go to the other room with him at the same time. I now realize I sound insane, mostly because I was saying all this to a four-year-old. 🙂 Which gets me to your second point about being present. This is something I need to work on as well. I went on a social media diet of sorts last fall and it was wonderful. I may have to try that again.

    1. I find myself saying the same thing – I can’t look, answer you or come there b/c I’m busy…busy on my phone. I like that – a social media diet! I’m starting tmrw! 🙂 Thank you for your comment!

  3. “faithfully practicing good dental care…” in the car! That’s hilarious! I would laugh so hard if I pulled up in my car next to you and saw you flossing. I’d think – that chick in that car is CRAAAAZZZYYY! It’s been a blast slicing alongside you. I’m thrilled that you jumped in a second time – you’re a great writer!!!! You’ve shared pieces that were funny, touching, silly, reflective & so much more. xoxo

  4. My little WordPress notification flashed a comment from you as I was reading Your slice! Meant to be! This slice had me smiling from the start. I can relate to the life if a multitasker. I like to believe we get more done in a day than others, or at least start more in a day 🙂 great pieces again this year! Loved reading them!

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