Out of the Mouth of My Babe

As Emily (first grader) and I are having a conversation this evening, she is retelling numerous happenings from her sister’s game a few weeks ago. You see, Emily is an observer, one that will just sit and stare and stare and stare. She takes it all in, just like a porous sponge.

First she told me about Leah’s teammate that came in “with her eyes half shut.” Judging by looking at her, Emily was convinced “she would have a bad game. But she didn’t.” That same, sleepy-looking player commented that another teammate’s hair was all bumpy. Emily remembers the teammate’s dad saying, “good point.”

At this point in the story, Emily looks at me very seriously while shaking her head which is tilted slightly, as if she is affirming her own beliefs, and says,”Well you never know how her hair will be because it’s a dad doing it. Ya’ know because her parents are divorced.”

Did she get this from me because I insist on doing her hair when I am home, even when her dad offers, because of course I am better at it? Is this something she observed on her own? Does she know the basics of typical gender roles, as they currently exist? I wonder. Either way, she makes me laugh when she shares her thoughts and stories. Sometimes they are honest, sometimes misguided, sometimes silly, sometimes so innocent, but they are always worth a listen.

9 thoughts on “Out of the Mouth of My Babe

  1. Kids are so darn observant. They know so much and you never really realize how much until you’re having one of those conversations with them. She sounds very smart. Not to mention funny.

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