He always does it without complaint

Before work, after work, on the weekends

Sometimes several times in one day

Heavy, light, wet, it doesn’t matter

He always does it without complaint

I tried it today because I thought I would be nice

I don’t understand why he doesn’t complain

My back aches and it took too much time

I can’t do it without complaint

Going forward I will just let him do it

So nobody has to hear me complain


14 thoughts on “Shoveling

  1. Nice that he loves it! I guess I would join him – I love the quiet time outside with the snow. I like seeing that the walk is clear and I have finished something. Of course I have to say I was not happy to see snow this morning – just because in my mind it is suppose to be spring! So I let him shovel today. I refuse until next winter.

  2. Just thankful no one is shoveling snow here today. We did have icy sleet this evening during rush hour traffic on the way home. Yikes! Will it ever end? Please, Spring, Hurry! D 🙂

  3. I didn’t read the title and I was so intrigued… what does he do??? I kept wondering. Ha ha ha.

    I hate shoveling. Please don’t do it again. Just let him do it.

  4. Do you know that for the most part I actually enjoy shoveling? …..(within reason of course)….Maybe he does too, either way, he is a great guy…..:-) I really like the way you made us figure out what it is he does.

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