Please Stay

The weather is turning,

the sun shows its face.

The next season upon us,

approaching with grace.


A break from the cold,

milder temperatures arrive.

Did the shrubbery make it,

I wonder, did it survive?


Is it time to hear the birds,

that infuse delight into the air?

Will the sun wake me up soon,

will the skies be bright and clear?


Do you plan to settle,

or is it just a tease?

We long to enjoy you,

stay, won’t you please?


7 thoughts on “Please Stay

  1. Ah, yes…the shrubbery. I was just looking at one of my plants that is bent over with the weight of the snow. I think it will survive, just like we will as we “wait” for this seasonal change to become permanent. You expressed all of our wishes in your poem.

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