I am an over-achiever.
Why don’t you work as hard?

I am a perfectionist.
Why are you content with flaws?

I am a rule follower.
Why do you disobey?

I am responsible.
How do you operate so carelessly?

I am a leader.
Why are you okay following?

I enjoy making others happy.
Why are you so selfish?

I am dependable.
Why are you unreliable?

I am loyal.
Why are you not dedicated?

I am serious.
Why aren’t you focused?

I am motivated.
Why are you lazy?

I love attention.
Why are you so shy?

I need your approval.
Why don’t you need mine?

I am confident.
Why are you not self-assured?

I spend too much time working on tasks that may not really matter – perfection especially irrelevant, sticking to the rules though sometimes they don’t make a bit of sense, being so responsible that I forget to enjoy life, terrible at acting as an Indian – always taking on the pressure of being a chief, trying to please so many – sometimes at the expense of my own happiness, constantly fulfilling my perceived responsibilities causing me to dismiss more important life happenings, so strongly devoted to some that I’m blinded by their flaws, so serious that I often miss out on fun, being so driven by future goals that I don’t appreciate the present, longing for your attention and approval so deeply that it might cause me to compromise who I am, being so confident that I offend others unintentionally.

I am a first-born.
Aren’t you glad you are not?


18 thoughts on “I AM

  1. This is YOU! In all the best possible ways – of course! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I said to myself – this is someone I know and love. Now get your head out of slicing and back to class, girl!

  2. Cathy Thompson says:

    I wish I could put into words everything I know about myself the way you do here. But I’m the middle child, caught between the first-borns and the babies. We don’t share the confidence of that first one.

  3. mrssurridge says:

    I am the first born of four girls and, by the fourth stanza, I thought you might know me. Isn’t it amazing that my husband is exactly everything I am not. Weird how opposites attract. I am so blessed that he grounds me against perfection thing. He is NOT a first born.

  4. Debbie says:

    Those traits are values I love in you. Sometimes we are our own worse critic. Love you JUST the way you are!!!❀️

  5. Debbie says:

    You’re quite welcome – I enjoy reading your thoughts. I get a “slice” of you – which always puts a smile in my heart.

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