Shower Time

I seem to do a lot of reflecting during my morning showers. You never know what I might be reflecting on. Sometimes it’s the smallest of situations or just one word that was spewed the right wrong, or at least in my mind. Other times it’s a worry, maybe a celebration, a find memory, or a mind-rehearsal of the day ahead of me. Often times it’s when I do my best thinking about work.

It slipped my mind that during the month of March – it becomes about writing! So many ideas are thought of during morning showers. Truthfully, it slows down my whole morning routine because I tend to take my sweet time lathering up, rinsing off, and it gives me a good excuse to shave – oh yes my entire legs, top to bottom. And, there is nothing like standing in steaming water to warm up from each toe up to every strand of hair. Ahhhhh!  Don’t forget that then I must record my thoughts directly after exiting the shower because in only minutes the rest of the day will occupy me and my mind. 

So, here I write my blog for today and record several ideas for future blogs, fresh out of the shower, fifteen minutes behind, but with such a good feeling of  being a writer! 

Happy Friday fellow slicers!!!


10 thoughts on “Shower Time

  1. Yay!!! You sliced in the morning!!!! I am the exact same way. I think so much in the shower! In fact, a fellow slicer/friend gave me one of those note pads for the shower. I can write down my thoughts while still IN the hot, steamy heaven. We need to get you one of those 🙂 Love your ending. That last section about recording your ideas fresh out of the shower was so sweet.

  2. Yes! So many thoughts in the shower. The only problem is you can’t write anything down. And you’re right. There is nothing quite like a steaming shower.

  3. Oh how I cherish a good hot shower! Wish I could write in the mornings! Instead I lose sleep at night devouring blog after blog! Happy to read yours this morning!

  4. Yes!!! I feel like everything just flows through my mind in the shower. Checklists, I plan best in the shower for school in the shower. I love the idea of focusing on a moment of something that we do every day.

  5. Marsha Amraen says:

    What a great slice!!! Isn’t interesting when and where we are thinking about our next slice!!! Our minds are always thinking

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