independent perfectionist
a good head on her shoulders
5th grader

Leah’s little sister
very loving and kind-hearted
a little clown
1st grader

always smiling
shares experiences with enthusiasm

sweet and smart boy
fun sense of humor
“gets it”
4th grader

Trevor’s little sister
full of energy
likes to be silly and sing
3rd grader

quick to give a compliment
likes to laugh
5th grader

I am extremely fortunate to be able to spend about 8 minutes each morning with these 6 amazing children! Though driving kids to school seems as it can be a daunting task, it is my absolute favorite way to start each day. They file into the minivan in the order which they were described. It’s awesome to see each of their personalities enter as they begin their day. On occasion when I cannot fulfill my morning chauffeur duty, the disappointment is overwhelming. It just makes the morning…different. These kids definitely brighten my day!

Allow me to give you a little glimpse of the morning with my fave six…

Me: What day it is today?

Kids (without hesitation): HUMP DAAAAAAAYYYYY!

I absolutely cherish my limited time with this clan. Next year will be different. The 2 fifth graders, Leah and Faith 2, will vacate their seats and we will welcome Gracie, Trevor and Faith’s little sister, to our van o’ fun. Each year will bring a unique flavor and twist to enjoy. I will be forever grateful to the moms who entrust me to deliver their children to school, safely and soundly.

Fractions of time each morning = cherished memories!

They will never quite understand the impact they have on me daily.

Love these kids!!!!

My Special Friends photo


13 thoughts on “HUMP DAAAAAAYYYYYY!

  1. Why is this making me cry today? I guess because I know two of the six and they are such special kids. I agree. It’s so precious to focus on such a small, small part of your day that in truth adds up to such a large part of your life and who you are. Love it.

  2. I don’t know why Carrie is such a sap today because this made me smile ear to ear! I can think of plenty of moms that would hate this routine – all those noisy kids piled into the minivan. Not you! You love it. It’s your favorite part of the day. It would be mine, too. You know why? Because we’re not brown crayons!!

  3. Valerie says:

    Beautifully said I couldn’t agree more. These are a great bunch of kids! I look forward to my pick up days and your children are so polite. Emily is always the first to thank me for asking how their day went she’s so sweet. All the kids have great manners could make anyone’s day brighter!

  4. Marsha Amraen says:

    What an awesome slice and special part of your day. You made what could have been a routine part of your day special for everyone. I love the way you describe each of them. You made Hump day fun!!!!

  5. Thank you for sharing this special part of your day! Although you said that they won’t realize their impact on you, I’m sure that you are positively impacting their lives, too. You give these children a great start to their days, too!

  6. I like the way you were able to capture each child’s personality in so few words. I can just imagine the laughing and giggling and the happy sounds of kiddy conversation on those morning rides! What a great way to start the day!

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