Just Do It

I think about it often
It sits by the kitchen table
It stares, and even glares at me
It occupies space in my mind
I know it must be done
I just can’t
I do not care to
I cannot bring myself to do it
I know it will be best if I just do it now
It will be much worse later
Why do I do this to myself?
Why do I continue to procrastinate?


10 thoughts on “Just Do It

  1. Giiiiiirl… I’m with you! Presently, I am surfing my reader here, just to further delay a final paper I’m half way through. Uuuugh. But I suppose we should offer each other moral support.. SO.. You can do it, Crotty Kid! Lets knock this out and finally get to begin enjoying our day off!

  2. Just DO IT, is right!!! Oh, so easy to say. Oh, so hard to do! Is homework just a necessary evil in our lives, or can we take this opportunity to understand our students and their disdain for this evil in their lives, too?! You really gave voice to that inner struggle we have; do it, don’t do it, do it because it’s best, don’t want to do it…..and on and on and on!

  3. Katie Diez says:

    I can feel your hesitation throughout the piece…I remember (not so) fondly that same feeling…great Slice!

  4. This piece brought me back to my college days when I would just keep putting off and putting off writing the papers that were always due. I clearly remember cold 4:00 am mornings, sitting in front of the wall vent in my tiny apartment, finishing papers that were due at 9:00 that very morning! Maybe that’s why I still haven’t gone back for my Master’s. 😉

  5. I think we can all relate to the feeling of something waiting for us to get to it…homework, laundry, sweeping, bills. As I read the beginning of your poem I found my mind wandering to my own “homework” waiting to be done.

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