That old “brown crayon”
The one that is trying to turn yellow
Wait – is she really trying?
What constitutes trying?


The one that wants to someday be “that couple”
You know – the couple that adores each other
They still share laughter together and respect one another
Even after 50, yes 50, years of marriage


The one that tries to help others by “just being me”
That hopes to influence someone that struggles
To save that someone from her own prison called her mind
The one that knows she is so much more powerful than “it”


That crazy, obnoxious “soccer mom”
The one that nobody wants to sit next to
The one that is so hard on her daughter
Encouraging, cheering, yelling and celebrating


The one with the few good friends
The friends that listen, are thoughtful, and sometimes lend a shoulder
The kind that understand and support you
The friends that she is fortunate to have


The one that so badly wanted to have a thyroid problem
Why else could she be gaining so much weight?
The one with zero self control
Sugar – her treat, her indulgence, her love


The one that enjoys running for exercise and group therapy
She loves it but her schedule has kept her from it
The one that believes there is nothing better than a runner’s high
She misses it and will be back as a permanent groupie soon


The one who can’t sit still, no matter the occasion
Vacation is no exception
There is no time for relaxation
That is just how she rolls


The one that wants people to realize that “everyone is a someone”
That man is surely someone’s son, brother, nephew, friend
How do you want your relatives and friends to be treated?
Can’t we all just be caring and not so judgmental?


The one that has a damn elephant that takes up residence
The kind of elephant nobody wants nor discusses
The stronghold is just too tight
Though, it may be loosening a bit – let’s hope


The one with an adorable niece, amazing mom, and opposite sister
Together they have created fond memories
Many more to come
Her niece will soon be a big sister


The one that cautiously shares a slice of her life daily in March
The vulnerable one that hopes to become a better writer, a better person
The one that considered not slicing this year due to other commitments
The one that was inspired by a fellow slicer


That SHE is ME and I AM BACK!!!!!


25 thoughts on “SHE’S BACK

  1. What a really, really cool review of your slices from last March! I’ll bet this exercise reminded you (it did for me!) of how many important things you wrote about last year. for you as it was for us! You’ve got skills, girl! So, so, so glad you decided to return. The world needs the gift of your writing!

  2. As I read your poem I could visualize each person or personality type. Some of them I could relate to more than others. Your poem caused in me the need to reflect upon how I may appear to others as life happens throughout the day. I anxiously continued to read anticipating the next description that would appear. This poem definitely kept my attention and my thoughts!

    1. Thank you! I actually went through my posts from last year and each “verse” was part of a slice from last year. Love how you described them as each person or personality type. It makes me realize just how many different roles I play. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the detailed feedback!

  3. Katie Diez says:

    I love the references to posts from last year! What a genius way to get reacquainted with your slicing self! So excited to read your slices this month!

  4. Yes! I’m thrilled that you’re back. I would have missed your voice.

    I love the structure of this. I especially love how I recognized last year’s Slices in many of these. Very cool idea.

  5. Thompson says:

    This is amazing! I returned to each of your pieces in my memory as I read. That’s what good writers do for readers.

    1. Thanks Cathy! I was hoping that my readers would get the connection. However, it was neat that one reader didn’t read my previous writing and looked at it as different people or personalities which made me reflect on just how many roles I play. Thanks for the feedback!

  6. Yes, she is back alright. And you brought me right back to that feeling of last year which I thought would be impossible to recapture. Really funny take on flashbacking (not a real word) but with a twist. I want to steal it.

    Don’t tell anyone but this one is my favorite today. πŸ˜‰ Glad you’re back.

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