Boston Strong

Today they are running it

For the second time

Stopped dead in their tracks the first

By sirens, by screams, by hysterics, by panic, by fear…

By deadly bombs

NOT Today

Today they ran strong, Boston strong

Today they ran proud

Today they ran for the victims

Today they ran for a friend

Today they ran for themselves

Today they ran because they could

Today they did it

Today…they crossed the finish line


5 thoughts on “Boston Strong

  1. kdiez2013 says:

    Beautiful! I found myself captivated by all things Boston yesterday! It was the perfect way to pay tribute to the runners!

  2. They did! I remember you doing that race a few years ago so you know how beautiful a moment it was for so many this year. We have a family there that shared many photos. So good to see Boston bounce back! Great slice 🙂

  3. Wow – can’t believe you remember me going to Boston. Thx for your comment! My friend wrote a pretty moving piece about their experience and their need to heal. What an experience!

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