Who’s Judging?

I take a seat

As she walks towards me, I lend a pleasant smile

No response

Annoys me, but the irritation doesn’t linger

She sits next to me

She is dressed rather nice, but seems like a typical, I have nothing to do today, outfit for her

She is donned in a sheer sweater with fine jeans and posh leather boots

And let’s not forget the purse, that could fit a small child, she is sporting

Worth several thousand dollars

A Louis Vuitton

But, who is judging?

As she is looking in the suitcase, AKA a purse, she elbows me

I figure it was an accident

It happens again, and again…and yet again

I know it was not intended to be a purposeful nudge


No, nada, zilch, not a single word did she mutter to me

Tolerant I was

Aggravated I was

Judgmental I was

Accurate…I am pretty sure I was





5 thoughts on “Who’s Judging?

  1. Sounds like she’s living in her own world and you are aware of others around you. I hate when people do the nudge budge thing and done apologize. I apologize for dumb stuff like not opening a door for someone. Crazy self-indulgent woman. You held it in and slices the annoyance right out, I hope.

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