Today started out like many others
On my drive, I take a thorough look at each one walking
Walking on the shoulder of the road
A deep look at the face of those on the opposite side of the street
A curious stare at the gait and posture of the person walking with the flow of traffic
No, not him, nor him…not this time anyway
But I wonder where he is this morning
Could he have spent the night in the woods that I just passed
He’s way too resourceful for that
Then my mind wanders and plays the scene…again

Me: Thank you for coming.
Attendee: Was he sick?
Me: Yes, unfortunately…an illness that had such a stronghold on him.
Attendee: I’m so sorry.
Me: Thank you, but his mind is now at rest. He is peaceful.
Attendee: You seem to be handling it so well.
Me: Well nobody deserves to live like that. He is now free from being a prisoner of his own vices. He’s finally happy and that makes me happy.
Attendee: Again, I am so sorry.
Me: Thank you and thanks again for coming.

This repeating occasion…
It’s almost like a celebration of his sobriety, his freedom, his escape
It makes me think and wonder
So, I text him as I do every so often.
Thinking of you. Miss u and love u
I wonder if I will get a response
I will think about it throughout the day
By bedtime, if I haven’t heard from him, I worry
When I do hear from him, I smile
A sad, but relieved smile
Today I got a response
It made me happy
It showed he’s “feeling” which is a good sign
For today, I have hope and I am content
I pray for many tomorrows just like today


4 thoughts on “Hopeful

  1. I’m sorry Angela. It’s apparent here that you’ve been hurting over someone. Worried and concerned come across here then sadness. God, the dialogue from a wake. That’s hard to write… Thinking of you 🙂

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