As I patiently waited in line for waterslides, there was much observation of toes…

Big toes, little toes
Chubby toes, skinny toes
Long toes, short toes

Toes, toes, toes!

Scary toes, funny toes
Cute toes, ugly toes
Fungus toes, scabby toes

Toes, toes, toes!

Sandy toes, dirty toes
Manly toes, girly toes
Tan toes, burned toes

Toes, toes toes!

Toes with nails colored in pinks, oranges and blues,
Some that should definitely be kept safely in shoes.

Toes in shapes I have never seen before,
Nor do I wish to see them, not even once more.

Toes that had nails that were in need of a clean.
What a sight! They shouldn’t have been seen!

Toes that were manicured and kept so well,
Of course they were mine, if I must tell.

Too many toes for a girl in a day
If you can’t keep them nice, put them away!


14 thoughts on “Toes

  1. kdiez2013 says:

    Such great descriptions! We had very sandy toes yesterday and when I read this, I was immediately back at the beach in my mind!

  2. I read this a few hrs ago but had to charge up to comment. In the meantime I discovered my toes are definitely in need of a pedicure. I think this slice is funny and cute. But what really hits it that toes are really the first sign of spring. 🙂

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