Soccer Mom

You long for your child to do her best.  Embarrassment -you want her to avoid.  You want her to feel good, to build up her self-esteem.  The wish that she is a good teammate and learns cooperation is at the forefront.  You want to take in every moment and cherish these days because growth knows no boundaries.

You arrive at her games excited for play to begin. She looked like she was ready today, ready to take on the unforgiving competition. You know she has it in her.  She’s an athlete. She’s aggressive. She doesn’t like to disappoint.

You sit in the stands, on the edge of your seat.  You don’t take an eye off of her in fear that a play will ensue without your attention.  You are her biggest cheerleader, thinking every moment about how proud she makes you.  You congratulate her under your breath and are filled with happiness.

Why can’t other parents do the same?

To the right of you is THAT parent.  The one who cannot contain her enthusiasm and displeasure.  The one you can’t escape, because no matter the location of your seats, you can still hear her. The one who comments after every play – good or bad. The one that is hard on her daughter because she knows her potential.

THAT parent is ME!

I can’t control myself!  My jaws never get a break. I never stop.  My mouth keeps moving, sounds continue to escape.  I know she can do it. I know they can do it.  Sometimes they just need a little push, a little encouragement.  Other times they can use a suggestion, or so I think. I roar! I cheer! I applaud! I am loud, very loud, perhaps even obnoxious! Sometimes I am an embarrassment, but I get over it quickly.

I am just being me!

God, please help my daughter!


17 thoughts on “Soccer Mom

  1. That’s so great how you described yourself as the bystander. My own mom was this parent. I could hear her at EVERY basketball game. And there were a lot. She was my biggest cheerleader and critic (but in a good way). She’s listening.

  2. Parents are our biggest cheerleaders! While your daughter may be embarrassed by your cheering now, when she looks back, she’ll be glad she had someone like you in her corner! 🙂

  3. Oh the ending….I loved the reveal that YOU are the parent that most parents sit next to! It was genius! I bet it is so hard to keep quiet- I am only the aunt at these games, and I struggle with this a little bit too! This was such a great piece! Very clever!

  4. ha ha – you had me going there. I’m sure she appreciates your unwavering support. I’m also sure you’re a huge embarrassment. ha ha – just kidding! That’ll probably be me some day.

  5. I immediately laughed when you switched gears on us. Way to go, keeping the reader’s attention with you through the whole piece. That’s what I call effective writer’s craft. Honest self-reflection with a touch of humor!!!

  6. Crystal Brooks says:

    Ha! All I could think was oh no she’s sat next to my hubby! Then the surprise that it was you! Oh I love the surprise!

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