I Am Sad He Listened

I told him to go because I thought it would be best
He didn’t listen
My words got stale over time
He didn’t listen
I didn’t stop until he walked out
He finally listened
Though I was happy at first
I am sad he listened

He did something for himself
He finally listened
He is working hard to improve
He finally listened
No matter how hard, he pushes on
He finally listened
But that means something was taken from me
I am sad he listened

Oh how I miss it
I am sad he listened
Please let me go
I am sad he listened
Will I ever get back to it
I am sad he listened
How I need you so bad
I am sad he listened

Running – I want you
I am sad he listened
I can no longer pound the pavement
I am sad he listened
Because he left to work out like I begged
I am sad he listened
Though he is selfless
I am sad he listened
It prevents me from running
I am sad he listened

I am sad he listened


28 thoughts on “I Am Sad He Listened

  1. What a tough poem to write. It’s not easy letting go of someone even if it’s for the best. What conflicting emotions you capture so well in this poem. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is about the past and present. As an optimist, I am hoping that the future shows you relief from the sadness and that both of you emerge happier and healthier in a new but different relationship. God bless.

  3. Your writing leaves so much room for interpretation by the reader. I love that. Is she breaking up with him? Is he moving away? Is he just going to work out? Things that make you go hmmmm.

  4. Funny, I only considered one interpretation when I was writing. My goal was to make the readers think I experienced this huge loss, only to find out at the end…I was only sad because I encouraged him to go…and work out…and finally he did but then I lost my time to go running. :-). But…I guess it’s okay if people interpret it differently. I have quickly learned that as a writer, you never know…:-). Thanks for your thoughts!

    1. Great slice! I love your comments how you experienced your own writing through someone else’s eyes and saw how it was interpreted differently. Isn’t if funny how much we learn from talking to others about our writing 🙂

  5. bbutler627 says:

    First, love the writing here. Second, completely trying to figure out all the meanings you’ve put forth with this running business. So much is happening in the best way! You’re telling a story so uniquely. Third, is it a selfless-selfish thing? Like I did this for him and now I’m screwed? I love the contrast whatever it is. I love a little puzzle like this b

    1. You are spot on…at least for the intended meaning. Though, I now understand how differently people can interpret pieces. I encouraged him to “leave” to work out but then lost my running time! :-(.

  6. I feel your pain…..I want to know more…..this poem fills me with so much…..pain, questions….it is beautiful and sad…..and leaves hoping you will write more about this…..there is so much I want to know.

  7. Having read it without the comments, I was thinking much along the lines of the others above, that this was about pain and loss. After reading your explanation and re-reading it, it reads so differently! It has me thinking now about how encouraging and supporting others to do what is right for them can often mean a sacrifice or “loss” on your part. This is true for all humans. I think it is frequently true for teachers, especially because a student following your advice often means time and strength and energy donated from you. And you’re excited it is being followed and you’re happy to do it. But it can also be exhausting. It’s like “someone finally agreeing to take medicine means now I have to make medicine.” Everything is good but at a cost that feels self-sacricifing. Thanks for sharing!

    1. What a thoughtful comment, Laura! Thank you! Though my sacrifice is nothing compared to what others sacrifice, you are so right. A teacher is constantly making suggestions and giving advice which will only mean more time for him/her, always sacrificing! THANKY YOU!

  8. The repetition had me at the 2nd go round. I love the many ways this could go. I first thought great loss and I suppose it was, in it’s own way. Great!

  9. Love this poem! Am I wrong for thinking this is funny? The repetition and the seriousness of it and to find out that it’s not about a break up or a loss, but a husband (maybe) going to work out! I thought it was masterfully done!

  10. Wow! I interpreted it completely different from what you had originally intended. I think this is fabulous! It allows us to take from it what we feel/need to at the time. So cleverly done!

    1. Well because I started to go to crossfit the days he doesn’t go. I was used to having 5 mornings all to myself for exercise, but one of us has to stay with the kids in the morning. Yes, I can run after work/at night but I am just too tired and I don’t run by myself in the dark. When I was running, I always ran in the morning with a group of people.

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