Connecting with Jodie

Since I began The Challenge, I haven’t been on FB as it’s not nearly as interesting as reading others’ blogs.  But, yesterday morning as I was sitting at a red light, because I have a sick obsession with being occupied, I thought I would peruse FB for a few seconds.  Up popped the news feed displaying an entry that read,

“anybody out there write a blog? Are you public?  I am reluctant to open myself up for fear of negative comments…thoughts? (sidenote: writing is quite therapeutic!)”

Wow! Smack! Bam! Boom! The Big Guy is at work again, I thought to myself. He works in mysterious ways.

You see this FB entry came from a wonderful woman, who lost her husband recently.  He happens to be the same acquaintance that I referred to in my last slice.  So, the day I decided to spread my wings and share my own story, making reference to her husband, is the same day she decided to share her story and go public with a blog.

I was feeling so overwhelmed with emotion when I saw Jodie’s post yesterday.  It allowed me an opportunity to reach out to her, offer her the option to read my slice that might provide her with some comfort, and connect with her because of a common experience. We both wish to “spread the word,” because being in constant pain, a prisoner of your own mind, should not be an option.

After a few exchanged messages, Jodie decided to join the world of slicing.  She comes to you in hopes of finding some peace and solace on her road to joy while educating others.  She has an amazing attitude, with strength I have never witnessed, and portrays her story so beautifully.  I won’t offer any more about her as she is more than capable of capturing you with her thoughtful, reflective writing.

Please visit Jodie’s blog to read her story and learn more …


15 thoughts on “Connecting with Jodie

  1. First, I too have a, “sick obsession being with being occupied,” This made me laugh. Secondly, WOW… I love this. Those, “coincidences,” (aka: Big Man at work) are happening all the time. We just have to tune in and open our hearts and minds to them, don’t we? This warms MY heart that you were able to be there for your friend. It’s truly amazing.

  2. Thanks Angela. Divine intervention. I’m not going to allow the stigma of suicide erase the amazing man my husband was. And hopefully I will be able to connect with others who have shared a similar experience… And make it so people can talk about it without shame. Your blog is amazing… And I’m proud of you for speaking out 🙂

  3. I seriously think some weird magic has happened since this slicing world began. It’s opened me up to becoming this person that is now a writer and looks at everything as a writer. Thanks for sharing, Angela.

  4. Every day you are giving us a new gift, Angela!! You are an amazing writer, and friend!! You being here with us is one of them…..thank you for making a difference!!

  5. Brittany Butler says:

    I went off FB this month for Lent and it’s hard as it’s a great little time filler for all the in between chores. I love that you did this though. I’m checking Jodie out after this. Nice slice!

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