Brown Fades to Taupe

What a perfect opportunity.  It’s Wednesday night.  Leah goes to soccer practice with her dad, the assistant coach.  Emily and Mom stay home.  It’s Emme and Mommy time.  Though we ordinarily carry on with our usual routine – homework, bath, and reading – when Leah and Dad are gone, tonight we will throw a splash of yellow into the mix.

As Leah and Dad are gathering their things to leave, Emily motions for me to come over to her and she whispers in my ear, “Can we have ice cream?” I reply with a big smile and say, “yes.”  She then whispers again, not even trying hold back a huge grin, “Can we play board games?” This time I respond with a sly chuckle while placing my hand over my mouth like we were acting mischievous, and say “yes.”

We begin our Emme and Mommy time with Emily’s favorite, Rocket Math. She did well, as always, but then she begged me to take a timed test too.  I am thinking “yellow,” so I oblige.  She really got a kick out of mom taking a Rocket Math test.  We laughed again.

We then progressed to the oversized, oh so comfy, recliner chair where we would begin to read her “baggie book.” But wait, she quickly changed her mind and directed her attention to Dudley and the journal.  Dudley is a brown, mangled, matted, but still adorable brown dog that has spent time in every kindergartener’s home. He’s making his second debut now.  How enjoyable it is to see each child grow from the fall. So, Emme and I are taking turns reading her classmate’s entries and it’s my turn to read, and as I begin I realize it’s what Emily wrote just an hour ago.  Her and Daddy were goofing around and … there is was in print.

Emily's Entry

Emme and I filled the family room with laughter.  Though it is inappropriate for school, this is the kind of thing that’s funny to a kindergartener.  The brown crayon would have corrected this type of behavior immediately. Then she would have went on for what seemed like days to a 6 years old, telling her how immature and unfitting talking/writing like that is and how it’s not lady-like.  But not today!  Today, this brown crayon once again was discolored by some yellow.  We truly enjoyed ourselves and Emily was probably wondering to where her mom disappeared.

After our laughing fit, she erased the pooping part and replaced it with a different activity.  She continued to write on the entire back page as well.  Maybe that’s all she needed was a good dose of fun!

Though due to all the silliness, we never made it to the games or the ice cream. But…we still had fun.  We amused ourselves.  Emily was allowed to be a kindergartener, instead of the unreasonable expectation that she act like 10 year old sister.

I know it doesn’t seem like much, but it was enough for the brown crayon to turn taupe.

The games and ice cream are on the agenda for next Wednesday…for just Emme and me!


8 thoughts on “Brown Fades to Taupe

  1. I am really enjoying the references to your crayon box. It is such a great way to think of things! I am enjoying reading about your Yellow Crayon moments- I am trying to have more of them myself!

  2. Brittany Butler says:

    “when Leah and Dad are gone, tonight we will throw a splash of yellow into the mix” I don’t know if you take requests, but I think I’m speaking for a bunch of us working moms of young ones when I say, I hope this brown crayon/yellow crayon, fade to taupe metaphorical spectrum continues as a theme this month. It’s refreshing. I like it a lot.

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